Multiplié dansefestival

The next Multiplié dansefestival takes place during the 15th – 25th of April 2021!

Multiplié dance festival presents dance of high artistic quality that bends and stretches our understanding of what dance can be, and for whom.

This year’s festival takes place in uncertain times, but we will plan and adjust as far as possible, so that we can meet and experience performances, workshops and talks in a safe way. This year’s festival will therefore extend over ten days which allows for more space in the program, while you get more opportunities to experience dance in different formats, and unexpected places.

This year you will get to know a number of local and national dance artists in performances that are programmed according to the festival’s artistic profile and a desire to make different voices, bodies, ages and life experiences visible. We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to, and we look forward to sharing this year’s program with you! Stay tuned!

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