By Corentin JPM LEVEN (NO)

A glimpse into the life of a man with HIV


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  • Duration

    60 minutes


    Performer: Corentin JPM Leven
    Scenography: Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Heidi Dalene
    Composer: Marianna Sangita A Røe.
    Music copyright: La Vie Reserve Des Surprises - Jacques Martineau
    Physical advisor: Ulf Nilseng
    Dramaturg: Juli Apponen
    Co-producer: Narva Art Residency (NART), Black Box Teater (Oslo)
    Supported by: Kulturrådet, Black Box Teater, Narva Art Residency (NART)
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    How can a young person accept a life with HIV and the lifelong fight against stigmatization that follows?

    In collaboration with Trondheim Pride!

    Language: Nonverbal/English

    +- is a movement based solo performance which explores the life and narrative of a young homosexual living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The performance gives us an insight into the existential torment he undergoes while dealing with his recent diagnosis. The work is an effort to understand and create openness about HIV in our modern society.

    Corentin JPM LEVEN is a multidisciplinary artist from France established in Oslo, Norway. His means of expressions are performing arts, scenography and visual arts. As an artist Leven works with several issues, stories, rooms and aesthetic expressions associated with queer, and his work is deeply anchored in the queer movement's legacy and history. +- portrays Leven's own story living with HIV, told by himself in his very first solo performance.

    After the performance at 18.15 there will be an artist talk with Corentin JPM Leven at Lobbyen. The conversation will be conducted in English. See our web page for more info.