Frosne øyeblikk


Frosne øyeblikk

by Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad


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    Ca. 40 minutter


    Idé og konsept: Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad
    Medskapende kunstnere: Anne Hytta og Are Lothe Kolbeinsen
    Lyskonsulent: Evelina Dembacke
    Støttet av: Trondheim Kommune, NTNU & Norsk Komponistforening
    Co-produseres av: Rosendal Teater
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    Frozen Moments is a musical space composed by Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad.

    Kaldestad explores a landscape that lies between the human and tactile and the electronic and industrial, with the use of acoustic instruments, objects that become speakers and instruments, and light as part of the compositional material.

    Everyone talks and talks while the world pushes from all sides
    I stretch my arms up towards the branches, let my fingertips slide over the leaf
    I look up at the sky, look past the rooftops, past the clouds.
    I dive into the sound. The sound of you. The sound of me. The sound of us. The sound of freedom. The sound of the wind in the treetops. Shhhhhh

    Language: Norsk

    Presented by Rosendal Teater

    The concert is a part of the program for Kulturnatt Trondheim