Mørkerommet 6.10

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Mørkerommet 6.10

by Heida Karine Johannesdotter og Afryea Collective


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    Curators: Heida Karine Johannesdotter og Afryea Collective
    Panelist: Azra Halilovic; freelance scenekunstner og Minoritetskonsulent for Trondheim Kommune
    Panelist: Carl Martin Faurby; Kunsthall Trondheim - Programme Curator and production manager
    Panelist: Alexander Graham Roberts; Teatersjef Rosendal Teater
    Panelist: Mette Rasmussen, musiker, Stillverk 1. initiativtaker, daglig leder og bookings ansvarlig, Phd stipendiat ansat på NTNU
    Musical performance: Miriam Kibakaya
    Musical performance: Kór Kjartans
    Photo of panelists: @PhotosByMambo
    Photo of Miriam: Margit Rønning Omholt
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    For the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022, the curatorial team Heida Karine Johannesdotter and Afryea Collective want to invite to a number of Mørkerom with the overarching theme "Diversity in Trøndelag's art and cultural life."

    The first Mørkerom is a Kanko Meeting; Kanko means circle in the Ghanaian language Twi. "Kanko meeting" is a concept developed by Afryea Collective: The meetings are an interactive panel discussion where we discuss important and current topics in a safe environment, with relevant elements of art and music. The purpose of the meetings is to provide space for voices and topics that are not otherwise prominent in the public debate and to create a safe environment where there is a low threshold for sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge. The inspiration behind the name comes from the tradition of gathering around the fire, in a circle, and sharing experiences and stories under Harmattan in Northern Ghana.

    Through the panel discussion, we want to initiate a conversation around the issue: "What diversity do we have in the cultural life in Trondheim, where do we find it and how do we create space for it?"

    Program for the evening:

    At 19:00 - Musical by Miriam Kibakaya

    At 19:30 - Panel discussion "What diversity do we have in the cultural life in Trondheim, where do we find it and how do we create space for it?" with Azra Halilovic, Carl Martin Faurby, Alexander Graham Roberts and TBA.

    At 20:30 - Musical feature by TBA

    Language: English

    Mørkerommet is presented by Rosendal Theater

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