Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Narnia 1

Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by Sjiraffen Kultursenter (NO)

A performance for the whole family!


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    Ca. 2 hours including break


    Script: Dramas, bearbeidet av Ragnhild Arntsen
    Directed by: Ragnhild Arntsen med Elise Hørgård Unsmo, Martine Røys Nesbakk, Ranveig Trælnes, Marit Rossmann, Iven Ålråk og Kristine Hørgård Unsmo
    Music: Anna Pernille Ruud
    Music management: Erlend Moe, Johannes Tessen Jystad og Mona Krogstad
    Mask and costume: Leo Thörn / Teateraterlier
    With: Skuespillere, dansere og musikere ved Sjiraffen Kultursenter
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    Join the Sjiraffen's Narnia universe, with exciting fantasy creatures, scary witches and kind lions. Around 80 actors, musicians and dancers are on stage this evening.

    There is war in England, and the four siblings Peter, Lucy, Edmund and Susan are sent out into the country to live with their uncle and aunt. During a journey of discovery in the house, Lucy discovers a secret world, at the back of a wardrobe. Who are the strange figures with horns and hooves out there in the woods? And who is this White Witch, who makes sure that it is always winter and never summer? Where exactly is Narnia?

    The performance is a collaboration between all of Sjiraffen Kultursenteret's art and culture groups for people with and without developmental disabilities. The actors are aged 6-50, most with a long career on stage.

    Language: Norwegian