Curated by Manuela Infante

Varighet: 1 h 30 min
lørdag 14. oktober

Ever since Manuela Infante was a child, the one thing that has connected her to her father is an endless curiosity for the unknown. Yet they developed it in very different ways: Manuela as an artist, her father an astronomer. As long as they remember they held long conversations on dark matter and the origin of the universe, but there was always one concept that recurred: Horizon.

Horizon is the boundary dividing what can be known and what will never be knowable. Just as with the sea horizon, you can try to chase it, but it will always move further away, making sure there is always a darkness out there; a place that human knowledge can never access. That territory, that horizon, is not only out there at the end of our sight, it’s also in here, stretching into our body, our psyche, our biography and our history.

This evening focuses on the Horizon as a stretching, morphing boundary, exploring the connection of the unknown-out-there, and in the unknown-in-here. A night to talk about the things we know we will never know.

Manuela Infante Güell is a Chilean theatre director, playwright, scriptwriter and musician, working internationally. She is well known for offering scenic articulations of contemporary theoretical issues, creating work that stands somewhere between music, theatre and philosophy. Last year, Kaaitheater and KVS presented her piece How to Turn to Stone. Horizon, her next performance, will premiere in the autumn at KVS, in co-production with Kaaitheater.


With room for artistic performances and in kinship with our more-than-human relatives, it investigates human to more-than-human relations and conditions of co-existence in a world that has been modelled in a context of imperialism, patriarchy and capitalism.

This series elaborates on different ways of being and different ways of knowledge, on what can be known and what will never be knowable. With the forest, the mountains and the deep sea as our thinking companions, you are invited to come and discover what lies behind the horizon of human knowledge.

After two seasons in Brussels, we continue this rich and long-term series with partners from both the arts and academia from various European cities. Each evening takes place in one of the venues, and will be livestreamed for anybody who lives further away.

A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters is a collaboration between VUB Crosstalks and Kaaitheater (Brussels) Artea - Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Rosendal Teater and The environmental humanities research group at NTNU (Trondheim), Framer Framed (Amsterdam).

Presented by Kaaitheater, VUB Crosstalks & KVS

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