Artistic and general manager of Rosendal Theater. Responsible for the theater's activities.

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Responsible for finances, staff and operation of the house.

Works also with government contact.

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Responsibility for the production department as incl. Producers and Front of House. Financial responsibility for artistic program. Producer responsibility for the International Performance Festival Bastard.

Contact me about Bastard and rental.

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Responsible for making you curious about what is happening at the house, and for you to find the way to the right ticket and performance.

Educated rhetoricians in perpetual search for the good story and moving words.

Optimistic by nature - and often stands on his head, or plays the ukulele, when life needs perspective.

Press and marketing / dissemination inquiries are sent my way!

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Responsible for ensuring digital visibility, optimal customer journey and sales in the marketing and communications department.

Skilled designer, poster warehouse and photographer in the theater.

Previously worked in plenty festivals and advertising agency.

A real Jack of all trades, master of disc golf!

Advertising and ticket inquiries are sent my way!

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Responsible for selecting and putting together an artistic program in collaboration with the theater director. Also responsible for side programs on the house - that is, events outside the performances on the season program.

Get in touch when inquiring about the program.

Kari ansatt
Karianne ansatt
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Responsible for all the practicalities of our seasonal program: Contracts, logistics and planning.
Everything related to our seasonal program, side program, contracts and practical questions is sent to me!

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I have the operational responsibility at Rosendal Theater and also work with the technical department, primarily as a lighting technician

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Responsible for the technical department and co-responsible for planning and implementation of the technique in our performances.

Everything regarding sound technology should be sent to me.


Responsible for lighting and pyrotechnics at the theater.

Co-responsible for planning and implementation of the technique at the performances.


Responsible for cleaning the house, and follows up cleaning services provided by an external supplier.

Malu ansatt


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  • Lillian Iren Arntsen
  • Front of House-staff

Works with ticket sales and audiences when we have performances in the theater.

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  • Bernt Garten Galtrud
  • Front of House-staff

Works with ticket sales and audiences when we have performances in the theater.

  • Anna Liljekrantz
  • Teatervert
  • Margrete Grunnvoll
  • Teatervert
  • Jørgen Sjåvik
  • Teatervert
  • Ida Mariboe Nielsen
  • Teatervert

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