How to buy tickets

At Rosendal Teater you pay what you can of a ticket. Here you will find all that you need to know about prices and how to buy tickets.


It's easy! Find our web page from wherever you are. Find the show you want tickets for and click on the "Ticket" link. This will send you on to our ticket portal. To the right of the page, ticket prices will appear, press the gray button "More prices" to see all the levels. Then just choose the number of tickets you want in the price category that suits you and your wallet.

Our physical box office is located right in our foyer when you arrive at our main entrance. It opens one hour before a performance, and tickets are sold here (given that we have any left). We recommend everyone to buy their tickets online, so they want leave empty-handed when tickets are sold out in advance.


We have called our new concept Pay what you can. It means that you pay what you can based on your own finances at the time you buy the ticket. We have set the recommended price at 150kr, and it is up to you whether it suits your financial situation.

Can you afford a higher ticket price? Great! By choosing a higher ticket price you make it possible for others to pay less.

Price levels:

Nivå 1 ...... 250kr
Nivå 2 ...... 200kr
Nivå 3 ...... 150kr
Nivå 4 ...... 100kr
Nivå 5 ...... 75kr
Solidarity ticket: 400 kr

Why have we chosen to make this change? As an institution for the performing arts, we also have a social responsibility. We believe that performing arts should be available to everyone regardless of life situation and not just to those who have enough funds to pay ever-increasing ticket prices. We have previously operated with a moderation and generous price, but have noticed that it is not necessarily obvious what to choose. That's why we want to make it easier! Away with complicated ticket types and reservations about discount vouchers or whether a category applies to yourself, and in with a simpler system: only the price!

* Some events will differ from this price scheme.

*Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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Rosendal Teater is placed in the eastern part of Trondheim, at the other side of the crossing near Lademoen Church. The closest bus stop is Rønningsbakken. Bicycle parking at our wall towards the gas station.

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