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Artistic manager Alexander Roberts believes that theaters must take responsibility for creating a world that is systemically fairer and more sustainable - together with our communities.

Conditions around the world are turbulent. Many, from the next door neighbour to the head of the World Economic Forum, observe the same thing, the world is in the midst of enormous changes. From the theatre’s closest neighbourhoods to the depths of the ocean, the technology we use, the air we breathe and the food we eat – we see the world reaching tipping points. The crises we are facing are systemic – ice caps, financial systems, weather systems, soil health, public trust, health care systems, energy grids – all collapsing or edging towards it.

The emotional response in people can span from total head-in-the-sand denial, to paralysing panic and grief, to glueing oneself to runways, or pouring tomato soup over a van Gogh. Whatever the reaction – at least two things are clear. One, while the pain won’t be shared evenly and some are already feeling the consequences more than others, no-one can shield themselves from what is happening – the world will change for everyone. Two, none of it can be solved by individuals being better people on their own, but those with the possibility to shape a world that is systemically more just and sustainable for everyone living on it must do so.

Theatres have a role to play. We can clean our houses, check our footprint and further shift our activities towards socially, environmentally and artistically regenerative activity. We can be a place of hope, courage, imagination, empathy, critical thinking, experimentation, play, joy and community. We can use our voices – as well as amplify those most in need of being heard – as a means of raising awareness and understanding of the complexities, wonders and possibilities that exist.

As you read through this programme, as you visit us, as you chat with those who work here, as you see something on our stages, you might notice these ideas in the work we are doing, as well as in the work of those we work with.

It can be in the ‘pay what you can’ model for tickets in order to lower the financial threshold for people coming to the theatre. It can be building a team that is more broadly representative of the society we are a part of. It can be co-designing a working environment that makes the welfare of people a priority. It can be reducing our environmental footprint. It can be in one of the performances, festivals, talks, workshops, community meals, publications, screenings, concerts, readings, residencies, or parties you attend. It can be in the ways we invite many others of different ages, backgrounds, abilities and orientations to shape the world of the house with us. Or in speaking up when we need to. It can be in many things.

Theatres can transform little to nothing on their own, but we can transform a lot together. A theatre is nothing without community.

If you’re already involved, thank you for being with us. Let's keep building this thing together.

If you’re reading this, feeling curious, but not yet involved, then get involved. See something, turn up or reach out.

As the amazing Octavia Butler once said “all that you touch you change, all that you change changes you”.

Come transform things with us.

Rosendal Teater

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Rosendal Teater is placed in the eastern part of Trondheim, at the other side of the crossing near Lademoen Church. The closest bus stop is Rønningsbakken. Bicycle parking at our wall towards the gas station.

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