All about Mimi

Av Shlomi Ruimi

Kick off the Pride celebration in the best possible way – with an unparalleled drag show!

Varighet: 60 min
Wednesday 4. September 19:00
Sal 1
Thursday 5. September 19:00
Sal 1
Friday 6. September 19:00
Sal 1
Carte Blanche dancer Shlomi Ruimi's alter ego, Mimi Divine, is a fierce entertainer and an even fiercer drag queen. "All About Mimi" is his first performance and a visual and honest representation of queer culture. The show dissects body ideals, sensuality, and social media in ways we've never seen before.

"All About Mimi" is a performance where Mimi dances, lip-syncs, and acts out her wildest fantasies while also presenting the challenges of daily life as a mother of young children.

"The audience can expect a good dose of glamor, humour and self-irony, but the show doesn't shy away from trivialities and downright sad matters. The perspective is fresh, and the presentation is a pure visual delight." – BLIKK

Together with four dancers from the Norwegian ballroom scene, Mimi takes the stage by storm, brimming with confidence. In daring dresses and high heels, she balances everyday life as a mother of young children with the ballroom culture's practice of self-belief. It's challenging, bold and surprising.

"It's as if, through costume changes and various acts with increasing intensity, they dance their way towards a core of something essential and serious, about who you are, about belonging, and about togetherness." – NRK

Content description

Loud music, Flashing lights, strobe, Use of haze / smoke

Rosendal Teater programs work that challenges what performing art can be, where it takes place and who will create it. We work with voices that are heard less often than others, that are marginalised and alternative. All this means that the performances can often be challenging in their content and expression. If you need to leave the show midway, we have a low threshold and a great deal of understanding for this. On the second floor you will find a relaxed space, where you can retreat. Read more about the relaxed space and accessibility here (link).

Choreographed and performed by Mimi Devine Shlomi Ruimi
Kiki House of Meraki Mother Cassandra Cassandra Moldenhauer
Kiki House of Meraki Father Diesel Daniel Elahi
Kiki House of Meraki Donna Emma Damskau
Kiki House of Meraki Teddy Theodor Mekonnen
Dramaturg Nicola Gunn
Light and set designer Martin Myhrvold
Technitian Magnus Boyle
Composer Jørn Lavoll
Costumes Silje Teland Pedersen, José Cecilio Orozco Martínez, Kristina Sidlauskaite
Photographer Yaniv Cohen
Video Antero Hein
Vises i samarbeid med Dansenett Norge og DansIT
Pay what you can 1 250,-
Pay what you can 2 200,-
Pay what you can 3 150,-
Pay what you can 4 100,-
Pay what you can 5 75,-
Solidarity ticket 400,-
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