OPENING: Stars in a piece with no name


OPENING: Stars in a piece with no name

By Bente Alice Westgaard (NO)

The poetry lies in the simple. Recommended for adults as well as teenagers


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  • Duration

    48 minutes


    Choreography: Bente Alice Westgård
    Dancers: Bente Alice Westgård, Rannei Grenne, Karen Eide Bøen, Julie Mjøen and Sebastian Biong.
    Light design: Martin Myrvold
    Room: Martin Myrvold og Bente Alice Westgård.
    Costumes: Kristine Gjems and Bente Alice Westgård.
    Soundtrack: Hugo Hedberg and Bente Alice Westgård.
    Ytre øye: Janne-Camilla Lyster and Loan Ha.
    Supported by: FFUK.
    Thanks to: Mårten Spångberg, Bojana Cvejic, Eivind Seljeseth, Marie Bergby Handeland, Håkon Vadstein and Antony Aubert.
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    A lovely dance performance playing with our fascination by the stars.

    Through engaging without expecting, I let the stars affect me and sometimes I find that the dialoge that emerges between us, change me.

    - Bente Alice Westgård

    Don't we all sometimes long to just exist and relax, without facing demands and expectations?

    Bente Alice Westgård does, and in this performance she invites us into an enthralling dance performance where the fascination of watching the stars is central. By letting the stars be just what they are, without trying to understand what and how they are – we can seek to communicate with them.

    This is the experience of the choreographer, and the foundation of this performance, which consists of dance and pop music from different decades. It can be seen without any demands of interpretation, and it's up to you what you will draw from it.