Drømmenes bok

By Sjiraffen kultursenter (DK/NO)

A journey through dreams

Where do we travel when we sleep? Who do we meet in our dreams? How can one escape a dangerous animal, if it is on the run - through layers upon layers of dream dust?

Collector of: Dreams

This wonderful theatre play is made for the youngest audience and their families. Together we lay out on a journey through Maja’s dream land. Sjiraffen Kultursenter offers art- and culture groups for people with different function variations and their previous shows at Rosendal has been real blockbusters.

Script and idea: Ragnhild Arntsen
Direction: Ragnhild Arntsen / Iven Ålråk
Costume / Scenography: Leo Thörn
Music: Mona Krogstad / Erlend Moe
Actors: Hanne Brandhaug, Christoffer Bratseth, Iven Ålråk/Martine Røys Nesbakk
Lighting / Sound technology: Rosendal Teater

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Rosendal Teater is placed in the eastern part of Trondheim, at the other side of the crossing near Lademoen Church. The closest bus stop is Rønningsbakken. Bicycle parking at our wall towards the gas station.

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