Jazz Ain’t Nothing but Soul

Tabanka Dance Ensemble (NO)

Fierce, rhythmic and powerful from one of the leading companies in African diaspora dance in Europe and the Nordics

Jazz Ain’t Nothing But Soul is an extraordinary and soulful concert dance performance. The dance is the main focus, with the musicians and singers following the dancers’ movements in a soulful and gospel-inspired song featuring African rhythms and movements that span across the Atlantic and multiple generations.

Tabanka Dance Ensemble creates engaging dance art based on extroverted and rhythmic expressions from Africa and the Caribbean. In Jazz Ain’t Nothing But Soul, Tabanka draws heavily on dance and song that have played a crucial role in the fight against segregation, apartheid, slavery, and racism, shaping the songs and dance forms that the world loves to both listen to and engage with.

In this performance, Tabanka explores dance’s potential as an agent for social change, while offering the audience a rare opportunity to experience a space that showcases how Africans have empowered themselves after experiencing inhumane conditions. This is both to continue to stand in the fight and to celebrate in a spiritual and unabashed manner the moments of respite between the heavy moments. These celebrations honor the breathing spaces that can be filled with pure joy, celebrating the gift of being alive and being together.

Artist talk with Thomas Talawa Prestø after the performance on 19 March.

The performance is part of Multiplié dansefestival 2023

Kunstnerisk leder, koreograf og produsent Thomas Prestø
Assisterende koreografer Joel Ramirez, Wolman Luciano
Danseteknisk ansvarlig Wolman Luciano
Dansekapteiner Wolman Luciano, Lacky Mahamed
Komponist og låtskriver Monica Ifejilika
Komponist og rytmesist Sidiki Camara
Perkusjon og instrumenter Sidiki Camara, Solo Diarra
Fortolkende sangere Tracee Meyn, Siv Iren Misun, Stian Omole Jensen, Sanyu Nsubuga
Fortolkende dansere Wolman Michelle Luciano, Joel Ramirez, Lacky Mahamed, Shirley Langhelle, Dana Hamburgo, Sarjo Sankareh
Lysdesign Reidar Richardsen
Kostyme Mo9k
Foto Tale Hendnes
Nivå 1 250,-
Niva 2 200,-
Nivå 3 150,-
Nivå 4 100,-
Nivå 5 75,-
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