Multiplié 2023

- let's do it together!

Multiplié dance festival appears once again in March. We stick close to our core and present a festival of performances that challenge and defy traditional ideas around technique, aesthetics, choreography, and performance.

There are different threads that weave their way through this year. We show works that use dance techniques outside of the Western dance tradition, works that celebrate the diverse and complicated female energies, that challenge the gender norms and we show works with diverse voices and bodies taking the stage. This year, we will also collaborate with the Iranian dance artist and theorist Maryam Bagheri Nesami with the project folded possibilities. In this project, Maryam proposes an alternative framework for curation to make space for artists at risk. As well as bringing artists to Trondheim, we find it important to make space for local dance artists. We have invited local groups and artists from Trondheim to host events during the festival.

Why is Multiplié a festival? What is so beautiful about the festival format is that its strength lies in the many and diverse voices that it can hold within itself for the duration of a few days. It has the power of the many, all existing together.

So, we hope that you can join us, so we can watch together, converse together, dance together and experience it all – together.


Multiplié dansefestival 2023

Rosendal Teater

Besøk oss

Rosendal Teater is placed in the eastern part of Trondheim, at the other side of the crossing near Lademoen Church. The closest bus stop is Rønningsbakken. Bicycle parking at our wall towards the gas station.

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