Only Connect: KinoKammer

By Marhaug / Blekesaune / Daraghmeh (NO)

Varighet: 30 min + 15 min
KinoKammer is a unique experience where the audience is framed by a moving sound and video landscape in a 360-degree cinema format.

As part of Only Connect Trondheim, two films made especially for KinoKammer are presented: Lasse Marhaug's "For My Abandoned Left Eye" (2021) and the premiere of "Lysbunden" by Eirik Blekesaune & Hasan Daraghmeh. KinoKammer is a continuation of RML (Recombinant Media Labs') CineChamber, a project developed by San Francisco-based Recombinant Media Labs and curator Naut Humon.

Lasse Marhaug: For My Abandoned Left Eye (2021)

Lasse Marhaug describes the work as a 'post-capitalist-science-fiction noise film'.

The film's dystopian background story is never clearly explained, but is represented through extensive use of symbolism and contrasts. Marhaug uses an abstract visual language and a soundtrack with as much sound design as music. Visually, the film is inspired by directors such as Stan Brakhage, Chris Marker and Michael Snow, while the film's conceptual basis includes is inspired by the Norwegian authors Bing & Bringsværd, who used the science-fiction format to reflect and criticize their contemporaries. The film is a DIY low-budget production shot in Groruddalen, where Marhaug is responsible for everything himself.

Since the 90s, Lasse Marhaug has been an active figure in the Norwegian scene for noise and electronic music. He has composed music for film, installations, video and dance, and made his directorial debut in 2019 with the short film Something Must Happen.

Eirik Blekesaune & Hasan Daraghmeh: «Lysbunden» (WP, 2023)

The artist duo Eirik Blekesaune and Hasan Daraghmeh present the multimedia work "Lysbunden", specially commissioned for Only Connect Trondheim and KinoKammer.

The duo thematizes the dark ages at Norway's northernmost point, Magerøya in Finnmark, where audio and video recordings for the work are recorded.

Rather than cultivating the spectacle of the northern lights, the artists want to capture the psychological character of the place and the dark ages, which evoke in the memories a sensation of something close and warm in the distance. The focus is on the phenomenon that small lights are most visible in the dark, and that distant sounds are most audible in the silence. When the light is at the bottom, the darkness forms the stage where the little lights perform. The small lights appear from a long distance and emit a precise heat that does not affect the thermometer, but works through what you carry inside you. Can a feeling of closeness and warmth arise as a counterpoint to the geographical distances?

Eirik Blekesaune (b. 1980) is an artist and computer programmer based in Trondheim. He works interdisciplinary with art within disciplines such as stage art, installations, electromechanical sculptures and sound art.

Hasan Daraghmeh (b. 1983) is a visual artist who primarily works with film, video, multimedia installations and photography. The work explores the intertwined relationships between individual and place and often focuses on memory, time and space in relation to the digital era in which we live.

Please note that the KinoKammer construction is built in such a way that, regrettably, it cannot be adapted for wheelchair users. If you have any questions, contact

Level 5 250,-
Level 4 200,-
Level 3 150,-
Level 2 100,-
Level 1 75,-

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