by Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, Kim_Twiddle (DE)

What does it mean to get involved with a person whose basic conditions are completely different from one’s own?

Varighet: 1 hour
What does it mean to get involved with a person whose basic conditions are completely different from one’s own?
+ Content description/Accessibility: Subtitles in English and Norwegian

SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP is about togetherness. It's about attention to detail and fun. In playful interactions Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś explore the scope of their relationship: a friendship that defies traditional definitions and is shaped by poetic tendencies and a shared urge for sensuality.

Interacting with live music by Kim_Twiddle, the performers paint an intimate portrait in seven chapters. This cocktail of personalities defies stereotypes and normative perceptions and offers the audience a glimpse of utopia – a vision of human interactions that prioritises tenderness, honesty, and a dedication to authentically relate to one another.

“We deeply respect how different we are and celebrate the non-normative.

This work offers a window into alternative ways of living and being.
It showcases values and qualities that we wish were more common in everyday life.
Together we emphasize embodiment – atypical embodiment.

We embody our memories, our wishes, and dreams.
We embody beauty. We are beautiful.”

- Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś und Kim Ramona Ranalter


Lucy Wike

Lucy is a singer, actress, dancer, author, and director. She writes screenplays and stages short films and plays. She tours all over Germany with her band «Blind and Lame». She has SMA and uses a wheelchair. Lucy is a huge fan of dark humor and irony, and lives for the arts and for love. She is a trained singer and voice actor. She was educated atInternational Munich Art Lab.

As a performer, she played the lead role in Extaze. This was followed by playing the white swan princess in Swan Lake interpreted by the dance ensemble Abart. From 2017 on, Lucy performed in Fucking Disabled by David von Westphalen. In 2018, she danced in Anthro- pomorphia; a production of Tanzlabo Leipzig at LOFFT Theater and sang in UN-LABEL‘s piece Sein – Show der Begegnung. In 2019, she played in Phaidra by Monster Truck at the SOPHIENSAELE Berlin and at Münchner Kammerspiele. With The Agency, she performed Medusa Bionic Rise at Radikal Jung Festival in Munich and at PACT Zollverein Essen.

Lucy sang at the State Opera House in Athens and the Kölner Opera House and performed RE:CONSTRUCTION by UN-LABEL. She has worked in multiple European countries with the international production Lands of Concerts. In 2020 she staged her own piece SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP together with Paweł Duduś at Schwere Reiter in Munich and the Münchner Kammerspiele, which won the Faust-Award for best dance performance in 2020 and was invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen.

Since fall 2020, Lucy is part of the ensemble of Münchner Kammerspiele. Together with Monster Truck, she is working on the performance Wolf in 2022.

Paweł Duduś

Paweł Duduś was born on a sunny day in August 1989 in Poland. Paweł identifies as queer-non binary-migrant-feminist-ally whose artistic expression relies on multi-faceted experiences in dance, theatre and performance art.

People who Paweł liked working with in the past are David Bloom, David von Westphalen, Mor Shani, Martina Rösler, Alessandro Sciarroni and Alexander Gottfarb. Living and working in many different places inform Paweł‘s socio-political sensitivity and shape their artistic expression up until today. One of their most important life- and art experiences was #onlyloveisreal - a friendship-based collaboration with Laura Eva Meuris: a research on intimacy, love and (self-)care.

Paweł is very engaged with the topic of sexuality and in 2020 finished a degree in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sexual Education. Central to Paweł‘s work are the correlation between sexual expression and identity as much as the search for ways to break free from limiting habits and reform sexual interactions. in 2020 Paweł co-foun- ded “SKINSHIP – a touch-based place for kinship”. Based on an idea by Melanie Bonajo, “SKINSHIP” offers a safe(er) space to queer, trans, non-binary, intersex, agender, genderfluid and femme bodies. They offer workshops on intimacy, touch, consent, and erotic embodiment.

From 2020 to 2022, Pawel worked on the film „When the body said Yes“ by Melanie Bonajo, which was commissioned by the Biennale Arte 2022.

In October 2021, Paweł co-hosted and co-facilitated Pleasure Positive Somatic Art Camp together with Melanie Bonajo and the Skinship-Kollektiv: an intimate, playful political experiment focused on the body, where parts of „When the body said Yes“ where shot.

Kim Ramona Ranalter

Kim Ramona Ranalter alias Kim_Twiddle works with unbridled power on interlacing different forms of expressions, materials, and technical trades on stages as well as in virtual spaces, connecting the production of theatre, music, performance, live acts and DJ*ing with ensembles and artists of all kinds of backgrounds in multi-faceted projects.

As a founding member of the queer feminist Kollektiv WUT e.V. Kim identifies more and more as non-binary. Since 2018 the collective of DJ*s, computer artists and musicians have organized empowering and all-encompassing events and built a network for education and political interventions. After receiving an education at International Munich Art Lab e.V. in 2013, Kim stayed as a teacher and assistant musical director and studio technician. This was followed by several engagements all over Bavaria working with directors Sapir Heller, Manuela Mantini, Leonie Pichler, Caitlin Maas and ensembles Turbowerk Muc, FBM e.V., Theter e.V. and Bluespots Productions on pieces like Leck mich Faust; Hände hoch das ist ein Übervoll!; Serata No°1 and Philoktet.

Since 2016 Kim has focused more on composition and sound design in electronic music. Ranging from retro to sci-fi, Kim creates sounds for multimedia installations, interprets music for theatre plays in contemporary ways and installs them as key elements of stage productions. Drawing on sources of completely different kinds of music from classical to electronica, techno, pop, hip hop to experimental music, always working analog, without screen or computer, on electronic sound devices from the early 2000s (Sampler, Synthesizer, Looper).

Most recently Kim composed and is performing the stage music for SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP,Amsterdam (Volkstheater München, Radikal Jung critics award) and Alles Gold nichts Glänzt (Kammerspiele München). For media artist Barbara Herold, Kim has created multiple soundscapes for audio-visual exhibitions in public-virtual spaces, such as the interactive augmented reality sculpture Stack Overflow and the stereoscopic virtual reality game Parcour. In June 2022 Parcour starteed touring, beginning with a Residence for Freistil, an exhibition series at Rose Stern Space in Munich.

There will be an artist talk after the performance on friday

Supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Idea & Concept Lucy Wilke und Paweł Duduś
Performance Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś und Kim Ramona Ranalter
E-Composition & Live-Music Kim Ramona Ranalter
Stage Design Theresa Scheitzenhammer, Alexander Wilke
Light Design Barbara Westernach
Technical direction Iris Rohr
Outside Eye Tamara Pietsch, David Bloom
Artistic production management Rat & Tat Kulturbüro
Tour-Management Kira Koplin
Supported by Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. This project is made possible by the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts, the district of Upper Bavaria and the Cultural Foundation of the Stadtsparkasse München. This production is supported by Tanztendenz München e.V. The project is implemented in the cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Oslo and supported by the Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Foreign Office.
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Level 2 200,-
Level 3 150,-
Level 4 100,-
Level 5 75,-
Solidarity ticket (Pay a little extra so that those who can't can pay less) 400,-

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