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Soup kitchen at Rosendal Kafé

Come eat with us and a chosen artist!

Thursday 30. November 12:00
Rosendal Kafé
The soup kitchen concept is part of Rosendal Theatre's efforts to make art accessible to even more people.

What's better than a weekday break with free food and artist talk? Soup is always on the menu, and this fall's fantastic soup chef is Hilde Stålkjær Olsen, who also heads the Lamomat project, which has opened its own kitchen this season. Hilde, who is a trained chef, will choose the day's menu herself, and if we're lucky, we'll have a guest visit from Lamomat.

Welcome to what is actually a free lunch (yep, it exists) with hot and tasty soup supplemented with exciting conversations about art and artistry, personal stories, topics that occupy us and what the invited artist is working on right now. You are very welcome to join the conversation.

Free admission!

In the fall of 2023 we present soup kitchen with:

Jakob Oredsson - Thursday, September 21 at 12-13.30

Jakob Oredsson is an artist, architect and scenographer with an eye that sees beneath the surface. He works with history and space, and is a master at creating new meaning in what is already there - making us see again. He has been based at Rosendal Teater for the past six months working on his project Scenography as Symbiosis, 2020-2023, which seeks to explore how scenography exists in various diverse contexts.

Oredsson has created works internationally in public, gallery and theater contexts, through a variety of media. The works seek to engage the existing environment, highlighting ambiguity and erasing contradictions between concepts such as art and context, form and content, active and passive audience and culture and nature. Within the Norwegian performing arts field, Oredsson has collaborated with Ingvild Holm, Magnus Myhr, Maritea Dæhlin and Verk Produksjoner.

Andrea Spreafico - Thursday, October 12 at 12-13.30

Andrea Spreafico is a Bergen-based theater director with a background as a historian, philosopher and visual artist. With the company Spreafico Eckly, he has visited the Avant Garden/Rosendal Teater several times, with performances characterized by intellect, underlying humor and exploratory formats. This fall, Spreafico Eckly and Matteo Fargion will perform Durante and The Bad Loves (Purgatorio X-XVI) at Rosendal, part 2 of a kind of opera trilogy from the journey to hell you will never forget. Although Spreafico's works can often seem abstract, they are often both accessible and with a unique sense of humor that must be experienced.
The artist meeting will be held in English.

Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad - Thursday, November 30 at 12-13.30
Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad is a Norwegian composer and performer with a cracking ability to create music and soundscapes in dialog with the place where it happens, and with what unfolds there. Nordal Kaldestad has a background in improvisation and electroacoustic music and works with vocals/singing, live electronics, field recordings and text writing for use in compositions and installations. She has worked extensively as a composer and musician in theater and dance performances, and for the past four years she has also been an art fellow at NTNU, at the Department of Music (Department of Music Technology). This fall she comes to Rosendal Teater with the result; As if I've been here before, a work that circles around three key words: Condition. Standstill. Distance.

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