fifty ways to leave a shape

by Siri Jøntvedt (NO)

- the internal process of having to say goodbye to a body part, a tribute to worn out hips, and a welcoming of two brand new joints!

Varighet: 60 min
- a solo performance about aging and letting go.
+ Accessibility: Audiodescription in Norwegian


I’m on tonight, and my hips don’t lie and I’m starting to feel alright

The attention, the direction, I can feel it in my body

– Shakira

fifty ways to leave a shape is a personal solo that can be described as the internal process of having to say goodbye to a body part, a tribute to Siri Jøntvedt´s worn out hips, and a welcoming of two brand new joints. It is a reset in order to identify new opportunities. After more than thirty years as a dance artist, she has to teach herself to let go and not hold on. fifty ways to leave a shape is an exploration of the realization that everything changes, and of the search for new physical meaning – a sensory journey through the transformation and confrontation involved in leaving something behind, and finding the way into something new. Through various expressions of song, film, text and dance, the audience can join this poetic and personal journey. The performance shows traces of what she has been through and what is to come, and a deep love of movement.

Siri Jøntvedt is a dance maker and performer based in Oslo. Since 1990 she has been working as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, both in Norway and internationally. She has danced at the big stages and the small clubs, often collaborating with musicians. A big interest is how to compose in the spontaneous moment where the intuitive and formal meets and where the serious and the humorous can merge. Together with Snelle Hall she created numerous pieces for their company Siri&Snelle

Nivå 1 250,-
Nivå 2 200,-
Nivå 3 150,-
Nivå 4 100,-
Nivå 5 75,-
Solidaritetsbillett (Betal litt ekstra for at de som ikke har mulighet kan betale mindre) 400,-

Multiplié Dance Festival 2024

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