Poesikafé - Open Mic

Åpen for alle!

Litterær kveld som feirer mangfoldige stemmer, kultur og positive uttrykk

Join us at Rosendal Café for an enchanting literary night this 7th September 2023, as we bid farewell to summer. Embrace the cozy ambiance, where stories, poetry, music, and camaraderie intertwine to create a unique and magical evening. Rosendal Café transforms into a poetic bubble on the eastern side of Trondheim, welcoming all to indulge in the beauty of literature and art.

Our literary night will be a celebration of diverse voices, cultures, and positive expressions. Through poetry, music, and performances, we embark on a journey of healing and understanding. We strive to create an inclusive space that cherishes peace, solidarity, dignity, and reconciliation. Our event is open to all ages, and we encourage decolonial, anti-racist, and thought-provoking content. Everyone’s language is embraced.

Though the microphone is open to all attendees, we are thrilled to have some remarkable artists and friends join us on this soulful occasion:

Tendai Angela Strøkkones: Embark on a yoga voyage with Tendai, an experienced yoga teacher from Zimbabwe and Norway, with a passion for yoga theory and somatic healing.

Raïs Neza Boneza: Our host for the poetry café, a published poet, and peace activist who has traversed the globe sharing his wisdom.

Martha Skogen: A published poet, researcher, designer, and artist, who co-hosts the poetry café with eloquence and grace.

Ragnhild Avelsgaard Lien: An enchanting lyrical poet and captivating storyteller.

Anders Anja Hafsmo: A poetic voice that resonates with depth and emotion.

Eva Bragstad: Unveiling the power of words through mesmerizing lyrical compositions.

Nadya Blomstervik: Delighting us with her captivating street rap performances.

Camilla Tranås Kristiansen: A talented and inspiring writer who graces us with her presence.

Marte Lønvik Bjørnsund will bless us with her emotionally moving musical melodies.

Tor Rose Walderhaug: An enchanting poet with a profound connection to verse.

In between guest performances, the stage opens up to the public (open mic), allowing everyone to share their poetic gifts.

Raïs Neza Boneza Vert
Martha Skogen Poet
Ragnhild Avelsgaard Lien Lyriker
Anders Anja Hafsmo Poet
Nadya Blomstervik Slam poesi
Nadya Blomstervik Forfatter
Marte Lønvik Bjørnsund Melodier
Tor Rose Walderhaug (Willy Walder) Forfatter og lyriker
Rosendal Teater

Besøk oss

Rosendal Teater is placed in the eastern part of Trondheim, at the other side of the crossing near Lademoen Church. The closest bus stop is Rønningsbakken. Bicycle parking at our wall towards the gas station.

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