Sea Me!

by Lindberg/Liavaag (NO) og RemoteControl Theatre (FR)

A dreamy underwater journey

Varighet: Ca. 45 min
Do you remember anything from when you were inside mom's belly? How was it there, really?

Collector of: Dives

For children between 5-7 år and their parents

Do you remember anything from inside your mother’s womb? In this children’s play – a hybrid of theatre and installation - the kids are invited to join in on a journey subsea, diving into the story alongside some strange beings. Not unlike the child’s nine months of floating in their mother’s inner ocean.

"Sea Me!" is a hybrid between theater and installation, an interactive performance for children from 5-7 years.

Liavaag / Lindberg is a multidisciplinary collective of artists who create projects in the intersection between contemporary theater, video and interactive performing arts. The artists combine the exploratory and the emotional in the search for paths into the mysterious world of human nature.

RemoteControl Theater is an international theater company consisting of four performers from England, Italy, the USA and Norway. The company often works with space as a starting point and is inspired by its identity and the surrounding environments.

Presented in collaboration with DansiT

Av: LiLiRe (NO/FR)
Director: Petra Casale
Co-creative performers: Silje Lindberg, Christine Ryndak
Scenography: Roxane Marquant
Costumedesigner: Adrien Abba
Composer: Julie Bessard
Dramaturg: Lise Thiollier
Sounddesign: Sune Schjelderup
Lightdesign: Leik Finne Raknes
Producer: Silje Lindberg
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, FFUK, Oslo kommune, Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, Sparebankstiftelsen SMN, L’Entre-pont og La factorie, Maison de poésie/Normandie.
Co-produsenter: Dans i Trøndelag og Turnéteatret i Trøndelag.
Nivå 1 250,-
Nivå 2 200,-
Nivå 3 150,-
Nivå 4 100,-
Nivå 5 75,-

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